Xmas party 2015

  • Categories: Hardware
  • Released: 14.12.2015
  • Client: UNIT9

The Xmas party of my company was getting ready to welcoming all employees and with the help of few people I managed to put together as simple installation to make the party a bit more fun.

I cut and build a structure ( following my colleague s drawing ), fit all the electronics, developed the software, painted in black and add some Xmas decorations. The installation was an improvement of the cuthole seaside which allowed 4 people to stick their heads inside 4 holes and take a picture of it. The system would render the 4 faces in a random theme and if the right theme was picked, the dispenser would release 4 shots. The pictures were uploaded online and printed on site.

Features & Technologies

Arduino, Linux, Shot dispenser, Photo printer


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