Xmas 2020

  • Categories: Hardware
  • Released: 25.12.2020
  • Client: Personal

Christmas came and with possibility of making my front house a personal installation rather than the doll lights around the window, I have prepared and made a simple interactive installation.

With the help of some of my coworkers and friends, we came up with some creative way of what it should look like and then I spent over a month by coding, cutting, gluing, screwing and so on until the build would look decent and functional.

The main idea was to give people a candy cane every interaction which was based on the "snake and ladder" game that was renamed "canes and ladder" for the Christmas spirit.

The interaction was simple, there was a big red glowing button to press and it would start the game with some lights and sound, then each time the button was pressed the light would move along until reaching the end of the game. At the end of the game, more lights and sound would play and the candy dispenser dropped a candy.

Everything was streamed on Twitch and you could interact with it by typing some simple commands.

Features & Technologies

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, DIY work, LEDs, Python, Twitch Bot, Streaming


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