NRG charger

  • Categories: Hardware
  • Released: 01.09.2016
  • Client: NRG and NFL

NRG and NFL teamed up to create an interactive installation for the fans which allowed to provide a free charging station for your phone and while waiting one of the team would react on a big screen based on many phones are charging. UNIT9 developed the first version 1 year ago which was in a solar power station, and then this year was asked to create a whole unit using the most powerful NRG battery. The Yeti 1250 was the core of this installation where the power was charging all the phones, then bespoke box with branding and visual effects. I was in charge on sourcing and creating the whole hardware and software for the new version and then flying over New York to oversee the building.

Features & Technologies

Arduino, Raspberry Pi, USB detection


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