DIY Solar Panel

  • Categories: Hardware
  • Released: 15.09.2020
  • Client: Personal

I have always wanted to create a solar panel from scratch and understanding how everything worked, so this was my chance to do it.

I got 50 cells from alibaba which took over a month to arrive and a picture frame that will accommodate them as housing.

The soldering of each cell was very difficult as they were very fragile, best would be to solder them and epoxy and the same day or having a big space where to keep everything untouched until the day after.

Once everything was secured in epoxy, I have installed a 3-diodes junction box and managed to pull over 20V and 5A+.

At the moment I am using it on my project, but I would not really suggest as alternative for purchase for one already made, too much work involved.

Features & Technologies

Solar cell, Epoxy


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